20 – July 15, 2015, STUCK IN THE MUD

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The fool´s log book 17 from Azart tv on Vimeo.

After a five-day stormy trip from Brittany we left the ocean behind. The English Channel. On the way we passed the harbour town Boulogne-sur-Mer where our ship type has been born in 1857. A ship owner from our former home port Scheveningen came down here looking for a faster haring ship. He bought a wooden ‘louvre’ that over the years transformed itself in an iron ‘logger’. Now there happened to be a maritime festival. By pure change, we passed just in time to participate at the Saturday afternoon Big Parade of Historical Ships. The festival manager called us the Secret Pearl of the Festival. We made deals with him to come back next June, to Calais and Dunkerque. Then we arrived in Grand Fort Philippe, a very little town just under Dunkerque, a village that is rather a big family. How much nicer are little towns. They stuff us with food and drinks. This country is Carnival Paradise.. It smells Belgium. Except, with low tide there’s no water left, so the ship is stuck in a repelling mud. The Lord Mayor invited us to the festive dinner in the town’s Feast Hall. National Holiday. We danced with the locals.





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